UHS Devpage

Thanks for your curiosity regarding UHS. Any questions I get or comments (good or bad) encourage me to go forward with the project. For further info on UHS, follow the links below.

Yep. this page sucks. It sucks bad. But, it works in the wave, it works in lynx, and unless your browser is REALLY stupid, it works in anything else. ;)

Newcomer game texts sneak preview!
This graphic is the ENC texts from the game script. Note kindly that each window has about 500 lines of text in it, and this only covers 80% of the text in the game!! Surely a clue to the detail in the story line, and the depth you can get that just isnt in most other games!


UHS FAQ (often updated)
UHS diary (updated almost daily)
Goals for UHS to complete. <- OUTDATED!
My c64-related hardware
Images of the proof of concept prototype

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