ECCC Chicago Expo, Saturday, September 27, 2008

The emergency is under control. All citizens are directed to attend the convention!

The Reformed Recovery Bureau of the Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention announces Year Three of our glorious Five-Year Plan*, the third glorious ECCC event:

Saturday, September 27
Fairfield Inn and Suites (Marriott)
645 West North Ave
Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA

8 AM - 1 AM Sunday!

Early setup will be offered Friday the 26th from 4 - 5:30 PM. The meeting room will be open during that time so that vendors and other exhibitors may, at their discretion, unload and begin setup before the event begins on Saturday. The room and building will be locked for the evening but the convention organizers offer no extra security or insurance against theft of items left in the building overnight--or at any time, for that matter!

Confirmed Vendors

To be announced: Contact us!

Confirmed Presentations

More TBA: Contact us!
Surely, you know how this works by now. But for the uninitated and/or forgetful

- The event itself is being held in the Heron Point building next to the Fairfield Inn. (Long-time retro event-goers in the Chicagoland area will recognize this facility, it was used by SWRAP in the past and is also used for a summertime classic console event.) Meeting rooms A&B are ours. Doors will open at 8 AM. Meeting rooms A&B are at basement level, below what Heron Point fans know affectionately as the "level of discharge."

- In an important change from past years, and in order to avoid the occasional harangue over after-party activities, we are renting the Heron Point meeting rooms from 8 AM Saturday straight through to 1 AM Sunday. Doors may be closed and locked for a dinner break, but ECCC has secured the use of the room all evening.

- We are looking for one or more people to man a "Solder Jockey" table in 2008. There are a lot of interesting and--to people who know how to do them--comparatively quick and trivial hacks available for genuine C64 gear as well as modern offshoots such as the DTV/Hummer toys. However, not all modern C64 enthusiasts have the time, talent, or equipment to do these hacks. So we would like to encourage those who have mastered these hacks to offer their services at the next expo, at a reasonable cost. If you are interested in taking part as a solder jockey, please contact us.

- Come to the show, bring your stuff, walk in. Dealer tables are free. User tables are free. Admission is free. Such a deal. Please note that if space becomes cramped, the Party Council will give priority to those conducting public demos and/or commerce.

- A small number of rooms has been reserved for attendees Friday and Saturday nights at $79 plus whatever hotel taxes various municipal bodies have sneakily applied to soak out-of-town guests. Keep mentioning things like "Fall Commodore Expo" or "ECCC" or "Compton" or something until you get the price you want. Or feel free to exercise your own bargaining abilities. We won't stop you. Note: The hotel is making "use it or lose it" noises as of September 15. Make your reservations now or you will have no one to blame!

- See you there.

(*) - Note: has conclusively proven itself to be a questionable plan, but may well last five years at this rate.

If you have additional questions you can e-mail the organizer, although what you see is pretty much what you get. We welcome you to e-mail and confirm your attendance, though!

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